health|y «HEHL thee», adjective, health|i|er, health|i|est.
1. having good health; sound; well: »

a healthy baby.

2. characteristic of good health or sound condition; showing good health: »

a healthy appearance, a healthy appetite, healthy lung tissue.

3. giving health; good for the health; healthful: »

healthy exercise.

SYNONYM(S): nourishing, salutary.
health´i|ly, adverb.
health´i|ness, noun.
Synonym Study 1, 2 Healthy, wholesome mean having or showing health. Healthy suggests the strength and vigor that come of good health, the normal condition of someone who feels well: »

a healthy body. He has a healthy appearance even though he is actually not well.

Wholesome suggests physical, mental, and moral soundness: »

wholesome food, wholesome advice, wholesome appearance. The new baby sitter is a wholesome-looking girl. Our uncle gave us wholesome advice.

Usage See healthful for usage note. (Cf.healthful)

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